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How To Share A Facebook Event

How To Share A Facebook Event


Go to the page of the Event, and click on the “Share” link:

how to share a facebook event

How To Share A Facebook Event















A little Box will appear in your screen. Write something about the Event and click on “Share Event”…

share facebook event

Share Facebook Event















The Facebook Event will be posted in your wall immediately, and ALL your friends will be notified about it!

how to share an event in facebook

How To Share An Event In Facebook














NOTE: Facebook likes to change its procedures at anytime. This Article in “How To Share A Facebook Event” has the correct information for May 2011.

And Remember…

If You Are Going To Play, Play To Win!

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”…

It is a great message. (Subtitles Available…)


You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack

December 31, 2010

The last day of 2010…

What happened that I didn’t realized we were suddenly ending one more year? Wow…

Anyway, this year was incredibly powerful, principally in the education area. 2010 was a period of astounding learning; a time of challenge.  That’s why i’m thanking Life. That’s why i’m thanking God for this past 2010.

you don't know jack

(The title for this article may sound weird to you, but you will get it at the end)

Today’s special date –December 31st-, makes me feel inspired and wanted to share with you something that it touched my heart recently, which may empower you for the coming days… and years.

Days before – along with my whole family -, I saw the movie “You Don’t Know Jack” where the superb acting of Al Pacino is really incredible… but the subject of this film removed my deeper feelings and thoughts, most of all because it was a real life story.

Pacino performs Jack Kevorkian, who faced the society of his era, in circumstances that are again exposed to today’s society through this recent film.

The controversial subject is euthanasia.

Kevorkian is a doctor (who doesn’t have a license anymore) applying lethal injections to volunteers that wanted to die.

As you may know, the definition of euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease or in an irreversible coma.

The same subject was showed in another movie titled “The Sea Inside” (or “Mar Adentro” In Spanish). This movie was made in Spain in 2004, and tells the story about Ramón Sampedro, who became quadriplegic at his 16 years old.

The Sea Inside” relates the odyssey of Sampedro whom spent 28 years of his life to find out a legal way to kill himself.

It is not strange that these movies are taking the contentious topic of euthanasia from a personal point of view. At the end of the film you end with the feeling that a suicide (or an attended suicide) in these cases is completely right and understandable.

But here is when many questions arise…

– Is that right or not to suicide or take the own lives?

– Should other people “help” other people to die?

At the end of “You Don’t Know Jack”, I asked a question to my whole family, whose in that moment were together with me:



Hispanic Marketing

hispanic marketing

Hispanic Marketing…

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time not posting in this side of my blog (English).

The reason is that i’ve been extremely busy working in a Hispanic Marketing Campaign.. only in Español… 🙂

At this time, have already contacted many entrepreneurs in South and Central America (and Spain) starving to know about the latest Marketing strategies that we use to develop here in the USA.

I am surprised that the market in Spanish is bigger and profitable than i thought…

And what is best… a lot of less competition!

Read the rest of this entry

The Pursuit of Happyness Best Scene

You want something? Go get it. Period…

“Hey… Don´t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me… Alright?

You got a dream, you gotta protect it.

People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it.

You want something? Go get it. Period.” (Christopher Gardner)

And remember.. if you are going to Play… PLAY TO WIN!

Meet Nick Vujicic’s…

Need Some Encouragement?

Think You’ve Got It Bad? Fallen Down?

Can’t Seem To Find The STRENGTH To Get Back Up?

We are put in situations to build our character… not to destroy us.

Meet Nick Vujicic’s…

If I Fail, I Try Again, And Again, And Again..” – Nick Vujicic

If you fail, are you going to try again?

Alfonso Inclan

… remember.. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


new opportunity

new opportunity

After a couple of months without activity in this blog, I’m getting back to share more valuable information that can be useful for YOUR business…

Let me tell you what happened…

My personal business was an excellent company that closed its doors overnight… leaving my team and myself without an opportunity to promote.

This kind of situations represents a challenge for any entrepreneur. Your company close from one day to another!!

What you should do when something like this happen to you?

Would you cry or would you move forward?

Most people may start complaining, judging, feeling frustrated, saying “why me”, “I knew it would happen”, etc… that’s the normal path.

Only the champions will close that page and start a new venture with a great attitude.

So, I chose to follow the mind of the champions: start all over again. Read the rest of this entry

What Can I Do?

What can I do to find motivated people to join my business?

What Can I Do in my MLM?This is the most common question that MLM entrepreneurs are asking me every time.

My response is: what are you doing for that right now?

(… and you may know the answer to this question) :

– Calling and chasing JUST friends and family

– Doing JUST hotel meetings once or twice a week

– Throwing flyers and business cards at parkings, book stores and buildings

– Knocking on doors

– Talking about their greatest and unique business opportunity in every family or friends reunion…

– Recruiting ANYONE ALIVE who DON’T want to start a business…

– Looking a money sign ($) in the forehead of every person that is breathing… 🙂

Sound Familiar?

At this time of my life, it sounds very funny to me… although when i was also doing all these things, it was kind of a desperate situation and sometimes embarrassing… since those friends or family members didn’t want to answer my calls anymore after joining my company…

Read the rest of this entry

Top 3 Traits of Wildly Successful Tax Strategies

Top 3 Traits of Wildly Successful Tax Strategies

By Tom Wheelwright

Tom_WheelwrightI have been working on a list of the top traits that wildly successful tax strategies have in common. I have reviewed thousands of wildly successful tax strategies, and 3 traits jumped out each and every time.

It occurred to me that these traits apply to any strategy. Here’s an example.

A few years ago, I was in Hawaii and had the goal to hike to an amazing spot. My strategy was to find someone local for advice, select the spot and then do the hike. I started by asking friends and colleagues who have been to Hawaii and quickly learned the name of a company that offered hiking information.

The company offered do-it-yourself hikes – basically you get a map and go to it. They also offered guided hikes. The plus side of the do-it-yourself hikes was just that – my own pace, at my leisure, and it was free.

Even given all those pluses, I opted for a guided tour which charged a fee. I did this because I wanted someone who knew the area well, and the fee was something I could live with – not free, yet also not an arm or leg.

I selected a trail that I had actually read about already, and in fact, wasn’t that impressed by it at first; however, the guide shared with me that there was a hidden trail off of the main trail that led to an amazing waterfall.

With my destination selected, I was ready. The guide shared tons of information. I found the hidden trail, and throughout the hike I knew exactly what to expect – how much longer it was, the hard and easy spots, and the best resting places.

Going back to my goal, my goal was to hike to an amazing spot. In this case, I achieved my goal because my strategy was wildly successful.

So what made my strategy so successful? Read the rest of this entry

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